The Universal/Int’l/World Peace Flag

Human Family will choose from 10 different annual flags to select which will become

The Universal/Int’l/World Peace Flag

“1st N 10”

Lyle J. Noorlun

While watching the 1996 opening ceremony of the Olympic, Lyle Noorlun, our Founder notice just how proud the people were that carried their Countries Flags. He asked me and those at the house party we were at if anyone knew if the World had a Peace Flag. After investigating the questions he found that some of the Countries of the World had a United Nations flag, but the Human Family of the World did not have a Flag of their own.

Consequently, WPFO was founded in 1996. The Main idea was to produce a Flag and give the profits to feed, provide clean water, medical attention and housing the homeless children. Later the idea of producing a different flag each year for 10 years was voted into the minutes of the Board. At the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which of the 10 annual flags will become the Universal/Int’l/World Flag of Peace.

The Organization earns income by the sale of various Peace and 1,000 of other products available at web site. Currently, the Organization has four annual Flags and is asking others to submit their ideals to our Selections Committee. We have over 4000 flags in stock.

“2nd N 10”

 2 N 10 was designed by Jim Phillips, retired teacher in London and it displays all of the flags of the World on each side of the Flag and has 4 doves in the corners with the World in the middle surrender by OUR HUMAN FAMILY holding hands.

“3rd N 10”

 3rd N 10 was designed by Kurt Sjoberg was born on Flag Day June 14 in 1926 – ( passed 12-26-2005) and his “2nd N 10” annual flag design represents the hope of unity for all the people of the World.
The Flag is comprised of the word “Peace” written in red, white, black, yellow and brown which represent the five symbolic colors of the five races on planet Earth.  The symbol was created by Kurt as a rallying point to help bring an end to the division and destruction caused by racism on our planet.

“4th N 10”

Leland Steward

4th & 10  Was designed by Leland Steward of Unity and Diversity World Counsel.

For fifty years now, Leland P. Stewart, ordained minister of Universalist Church of America and Harvard University graduate, has studied faith communities.  He is author of World Scriptures.  The Unity-and-Diversity World Council brings high energy to the practice of universal cooperative co-existence.  The Council began during 1965, when General Assembly of the United Nations declared International Cooperation Year. The Council has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

5 th N 10”

Designed by Mr Magesh , from India.  The flag represents the 5 colors of he human family- white, black, red, yellow and brown. .  In the middle is the earth with the “peace sign” over it and the internet familiar @ sign in the middle of the earth signifying “The World at Peace”

6th N 10

Our “6th N 10” annual peace flag winner is from the Organization The Association for Global New Thought by its Executive Director Dr Barbara Fields.  Like  the “5th N 10” annual peace flag  above  it contains all the colors of the human family with a heart in the upper left corner surrounded by stars.

7th N 10

8th N 10

Pending marketing approval by artist

9th N 10

The 9th N 10” annual peace flag recently selected is a all white Universal worldwide TRUCE symbol. The Human Family will vote to see which of the 10 annual Peace Flags will become the Universal/Int/Global World Flag of Peace. The ending of the Mayan/Aztec Calendar notes the end of the dark ages and the beginning of 1,000 or more years of new white light or a bright beginning. The Universe is leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius . The first 9 annual flags are educational tools which teach geography, peace and love.