Our Beginning

While watching the 1996 opening ceremony of the Olympic, Lyle Noorlun, our Founder notice just how proud the people were that carried their Countries Flags. He asked me and those at the house party we were at if anyone knew if the World had a Peace Flag. After investigating the questions he found that some of the Countries of the World had a United Nations flag, but the Human Family of the World did not have a Flag of their own. Consequently, WPFO was founded in 1996. The Main idea was to produce a Flag and give the profits to feeding and housing the homeless. Later the idea of producing a different flag each year for 10 years was voted into the minutes of the Board. At the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which of the 10 annual flags will become the International Flag of Peace. The Organization earns income by the sale of various Peace and 1,000 of other products available at web site. Currently, the Organization has four annual Flags and is asking others to submit their ideals to our Selections Committee. We have over 4000 flags in stock. The flags were paid for by a loan as explained in movie synopsis “Fargo’s Noah”.

The ideal of an exact replica of Noah’s Ark was given to Lyle in his sleep at 3am in the morning on 11-13, 1997. He said the dream “was more like being there looking from above, hovering.” It is the intent with the donations and profits from the sale of peace and other products to build an exact replica of Noah’s Ark, surrounded by a Renascences Theme Park and give all the profits for the mission of WPFO. Lyle keeps saying; “I know once it get going it will forever bring income in to help feed and house the home less”. I know him he will not quit until it is completed. He says: “It will be built out of a plastic like material which is used on plastic rocks etc at Theme Parks. Plastic can last for a 1,000 or more years” “A 1,000 or more years of the World living at peace” “It will be a place were the human family can working together without any interference by any one religion or countries government.” He has carried the building plan with him since early 1999. It will be approximately a foot ball field and a half long, at least 75 feet wide and three stores high with the upper housing area constructed so it can be easily remove for concerts, plays and other group activities. The bottom story will be the entrance and will have a round motion picture screen which will show a short film about the original ark, but more importantly it will explain why our Human Family should love one another and live in peace. The room will have an “Honor Wall” showing pictures and names of the people who “made it happen”. Level two will be shops and restaurants. Top level: restaurant and/or stage. The surrounding area will be a Renaissance Theme Park with a small children’s zoo area and a Hotel.

Forward: The building of Noahs Ark has not gone without test of the charter of Mr Noorlun. The idea of the Ark was given to Lyle 11-13-97 when he was working on a Real Estate development in Pahrupm, NV explain in detail below. Seed money of $250,000 was borrowed from family friends Jon & Norma Jerdee of Fargo, ND. When Mr Noorlun could not repay all of this loan Jon Jerdee a retried policemen went to his friend, the Prosecuting Attorney of Fargo North Dakota, Burch Burdick, the step-son of the late ND Senator and filed charges against Mr Noorlun as described below.


The following movie synopsis is one of the three registered with the Writers Guild in Los Angeles, CA. Substantiated reference has been received that the following “Fargo’s Noah” Synopsis was given to the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, who in turn was probably not aware that when Hollywood states in its movie “Based On A True Story”, it is not 100% true to fact. The last paragraph of this version states that funding of project has been completed, whereas in reality the Silver Eagle Executive Summary below has not yet been funded!!! Consequently, the State of North Dakota thought Mr. Noorlun had money and brought up the old Federal Charges and now the State is trying to collect on the personal debt which belongs in Civil Court. The names of the parties have been changed to protect them.

To Whom It May

We are
requesting a grant and/or a loan, or a Production Co, to complete the
documentary on the building of Noah’s Ark and the production of the following movie:

NOTICE NOV 2009: Scroll to by bottom of this page for a video showing the first exact replica of Noahs Ark which opened for business May 25, 2009 and is in the harbor of Hong Kong China. It cost $55.00 to $100.00 US with a
concessionary fee of $85.00 per day to visit. NOTE: The idea of the
Ark was given to Mr Noorlun on November 13,1998, he was arrested by
the Federal Government US Nov 2000 just two weeks before financing
was coming in for the Real Estate Project found below,
Universal Studios with the production of Spyglass Entertainment
released Internationally on June 22, 2007 the movie about Noah’s Ark.
The forgoing movie synopsis was distributed to most of the majors
and many of the minor film Studios in the Los Angeles area. Where do
you suppose the idea to build an Ark in China came from?

Universals Evan Almighty movie about Noah’s Ark most of the Ark
scenes was computer generated. The lumber that was used was donated
to The Habitat for Humanity with the spokespersons; recent US
Presendent Jimmy Carter and the Artist Bon Jovi. This organization
and the two spokesperson have been contacted by our Non-Profit for
help with our International Music Festival and the re-building of
Noah’s Ark Theme Parks/Hotels a total of five times over the last 12

I wrote the following letter to the builders of Noahs Ark – China:

VIA Int’l FED X 860300038514, FAXES, emails


CEO Thomas
Kwok November 16,

Sun Hing Kai
Properties (SHKP)

45th Floor,
Sun Hung Kai Center

30 Harbour Rd,
Wachai, HK

Dear Mr Kwok,

on the opening of MaWan Noah’s Ark. I have been working on the
funding of Noah’s Ark Theme Parks/Hotels to be built on six of the
Continents to exclude Antarctica since November 13, 1998 with
all of the profits going to help International Chartres that help underprivileged children and their families. The IP Registered with: World Intellectual Property Organization 10-10-2000. Since Nov 98 I have been searching periodically on the Internet to see what might be happening
Internationally with Noah’s Ark and yesterday came upon your


Post Office Box #9161

Marina del Rey, CA 90292


May 97 – Present Life Insurance Sales. Also, founded World Peace Flag Organization, a US nonprofit Organization. The Organization gives to people who donate $40.00 or more a first in a series of 10 annual World Peace Flags and International Book of Facts as a gift for their contributions. It provides other non-profits with a means of earning contributions. The Flag and Book of Facts is an educational tool that teaches geography, peace and love. Our mission is to help eliminate World hunger while teaching a person to feed themselves. 100% of net profits are given away. Our By-Law state that no one person working for this organization will ever receive more than $500 a week in salary. During this time frame I spent all of my assets attempting to develop 509 acres of land in Pahrump, NV, The project included a Motion Picture Studio, 125 – 175 equestrian home sites, Renascence Theme Park and an exact replica of Noah’s Ark. The project funding has fallen through several times and I am now looking for a new career challenge.

Nov 1971 – May 97 Marketed financial planning
products through Management Services where I was Senior Advisor for several major Corporations. My earnings during this time were between $45,000 year and $168,000 as a Managing General Agent. Business and marketing experience to include 401K, 403 (b), Section 125’s, Life-Health and Commercial Insurance. Commercial Real Estate, 2nd Trust Deeds, Real Estate Partnerships, Limited Liability Co’s, Telecommunications Business Opportunities, Annuities and other financial products. I have developed, managed and sold several successful Insurance Agencies. With one Life Insurance Agency I managed and supplied leads for over 60 Agents. Currently, I’m licensed with Prudential American Life and Health, Blue Cross, Jackson Nat’l Life, Kemper, Metropolitan and Banner Life Insurance as an Insurance Broker.

During the last 31 years in business related services, I’ve hired and trained 100’s of salespeople. I’ve designed and taught two self-improvement courses: 1. “Grow as a Pro”, designed for “how to” in the field of sales. This course consists of 22 hours of classroom training, and 2. “Adventures in Attitude”, designed basically to get rid of “Stinking Thinking” course time 25 hours. Also, I’ve written, designed and produced a goal setting and achieving program entitled “I CAN-can7′. Consists of a colorful labeled tin can, which stands 4 V2 inches high and contains a 131 page book and motivational/subliminal cassette tape that will guide a person through
the visualization and attainment of their goals. Additionally, I’ve designed
and taught a four-hour course entitled “Action Plan & Business Goal
Strategies”. A “How to Succeed” business plan. I’ve been a member of the
million dollar round table and received many Achievement Awards for production.

It has always been important to me to be at the top of sales contests. I’ve
completed Life Underwriters Training Counsel and parts of Certified Life
Underwriters. I’m familiar with most of the major computer programs and
Internet Marketing. Over the last several years I’ve taken and completed
courses at the Hollywood Film Institute relative to Film Production, Directing, Screen writing, Acting for Beginners and Film Editing. With this knowledge I’ve produced five videos relative to Financial and Estate Planning. They are each 13 to 18 minutes long and are entitled (1) Do I Need a Living Trust? (2) Charitable Giving Remainder Trust 3) Estate Taxes Paid for Pennies on the Dollar (4) Long Term Care Alternatives and (5) CD’s vs. SAFE Tax Deferred Alternatives. All of these videos were produced with graphs, still pictures and charts.


Two years Business College at Washington State,
Life Underwriters Training Counsel, Certified Life Underwriters, Prudential
Insurance PITP (3 years sales/product training) Securities Training, Hollywood Film Institute and numerous evening classes for Computer, Internet, and business related studies. Completed the public speaking course Toastmaster. Teacher of Tai Chi.


Male, 64 years young (12-23-1944), physically
active in excellent health. I enjoy leaning and teaching. I am a moral
individual with high integrity and believe all virtuous endeavors are possible with the help of our Creator.

AND SO IT IS…………..

Artist concept of our building plans……………………….