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Fundraise for Your Church, Mission Trip, Choir, Youth Group, or Any Special Need or Project with


With the

“ Angel Peace Posse”

Let the “Angels Peace Posse”
help you raise funds so your wishes,
dreams, plans, and goals can come true!

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to bring you this exciting way to raise funds for your church, mission trip, choir, youth group, or any other faith based special need or project. If you want to
bullet Incorporate your values into your fundraising –
bullet Make money without risk –
bullet Be in control of how much you make –
Know that you are working with a reputable company – then

“Angels Peace Posse”
is perfect for you

“Angels Peace Posse” is a special project of WPFO – Kids Peace Club. It is designed specifically to help you and other faith based individuals and groups raise money.

Angels do make it happen.

Read on for the details.

Money Back Guarantee

With this “Angles Peace Posse” fundraiser, you don’t have to worry about spending more than you bring in.

You have nothing to worry about– because you can return any “Angels Make it Happen” products that you have not used for a full refund of the product cost (minus a small restocking fee of $5.00). NO questions asked. As long as the product is unused and returned in its original bag, you can get your money back.

bullet There is NO limit on the amount you can return. If you change your mind and want to return everything – that is NO problem. Everything you paid for the products purchased at “Angels Peace Posse” will gladly be returned. (The $1.75 shipping handling paid per packet is not refundable and there is a small restocking fee of $5 that will be deducted from your refund but this is small compared to the security of knowing you can return any and/or all of your products at any time.)
bullet There is NO time limit. You can return products right away or wait as long as you want. With everyone’s busy schedule it is nice to know there is no rush.
bullet There is NO hassle. We will be glad to refund your money for any “Angles” product that you would like to return. As long as it has not been used, and is still in good condition, you can just slip it into its original packaging and send it back.

You Can Earn 60% Profit or MORE

With this project you can get 60% profit or MORE. Our recommended donation request gives you 60% profit but this is a FUNDRAISER. So, depending on your project, you could just use this as a token gift to show a contribution was made, and ask for as much at you need to make the project happen.

How much you actually make will depend on you. You can do a lot or a little. You can approach people directly, or you can just set these out and let them “sell” themselves. You can start by buying just one packet or, if you are more ambitious, you can buy several packets all at once. You are in control. You know how outgoing – or shy – you are and you can run this fundraiser accordingly. It is all completely up to you.

The timing is also up to you. Depending on your situation and where you go to raise your funds you can raise all the funds from 1 packet in a day or you can take your time and sell multiple packets. It doesn’t matter because whenever you decide to stop this fundraiser, you can return what is left for a refund of your product cost.

The packets are small so you again have options. You can start out with a few and see how it works for you or you can jump right in and challenge yourself with a larger amount.

At a minimum, if you raise funds at the suggested donation value, with just 1 packet –you will make $75 or MORE. Depending on the size of your requested donation you could raise a significantly larger amount. And that is with just one small packet.

How much to do you need to raise? Who can you approach to help you raise the money? How comfortable are you talking to people versus just setting something on a table? These are all factors to consider when you are deciding how many packets to buy. You might buy more if you don’t want to lose momentum once you have started your fundraising effort. On the other hand, you can come back for additional packets if the first packet goes well. Either way is a win for your goal of raising funds.

Every Person Who Helps You
Becomes One of Your “Angels”

With this fundraiser you can always have an angel on your shoulder, or collar or lapel, or scarf or even your shoe lace – and – others can do the same to really show they have supported your cause.

How can that be?

Because your fundraising product is a beautiful Angel Pin. People will “ASK YOU’ where did you get it?

Whether this is a fundraiser for

bullet you to go on a mission trip or
bullet to buy new robes for the choir or
bullet to fund a trip for the youth group or
bullet for the church to build a new addition or
bullet whatever your goal
The size of the project doesn’t matter. People will know that everyone who is wearing one of your Angel Pins has helped your cause.

Every person with a pin shows they are part of the group supporting your effort. It is up to you whether that support was $5 or $50 or even $200.

When someone asks them about their pin, the can say:

Angels Make It Happen and talk about what you are going to do with the money. Maybe they can even talk another person into being a supporter or shopping at website for all there gift and personal need. Explain how their Organization earns an income by “Shopping for Peace” – “Spiritualize Shopping fundraiser”

Anyone Can Do It!

It is easy to get started and anyone can do it.

Have you ever seen people around town with their Rotary pin or other organization pin? Now you have your pin. One that is meaningful to you! — An Angel Pin.

We provide you with a packet of 25 pins for $47.95.

There is a nonrefundable shipping and handling fee of only $1.75 per each packet.

REMEMBER – you get a full refund of your money (minus a small restocking fee of $5 – the donation you can get for just 1 pin.) for any pins you return at any time in the future.

If you ask for the standard $5 donation, from the 25 pins you will make over $75. If you get a donation from 100 pins you will make $300 or more depending on what you ask.

We suggest you request $5 for each pin, but as a fundraiser you can ask whatever you want. When someone makes a donation for a pin it is an indication of their faith and that they have helped your cause.

An Angel in Your Pocket

Keep several angels in you pocket and be sure to wear one yourself. When someone asks, you can tell them what you are doing and just reach in your pocket to offer one to them. Then you can tell them about other fundraising like “Shopping for Peace” at you web site or ours.

Special Bonus

Order two sets of pins for $99.40 and we will send you a complementary 20X40 inch “1st in 10” World Peace Flag along with information on how to “Spiritualize your Shopping”, visit for more information. Earn 10 – 20 % of GROSS sales on millions of peace, gift and everyday products.

bullet To ORDER:
bullet Mail us a written request for your order along with a check for $49.70 ($47.95 for the pins and $1.75 shipping and handling) for each packet of 25 pins. In your written order please include:

Your Name:

Shipping Address for the pins:
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Your e-mail address:

Your phone (in case we have questions about your order.):

The number of packets of pins you want at $49.70 total cost/packet
($47.95 for the pins & $1.75 shipping and handling per packet of 25 pins)
The total amount Enclosed:

Please be sure to sign your check. Make payable to World Peace Flag Organization

Orders received through the mail will be shipped within 1 business day of check approval. Please allow 8-10 business days for delivery.

Seeing groups such as yours accomplish your goals and dreams is a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your fundraising experience and what you did with the money you raised. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear your success story!

World Peace Flag Organization.
Lyle J. Noorlun – Founder

P.S. If you change your mind you can always return the pins and peace flag within 10 days of your receipt and we will refund all but $5.00 handling fee.

P.P.P.S. “Angel Peace Posse” is experimenting with this fundraiser to see if it is a service you would like to have. Because it is experimental, there are currently only a limited number of pins in the warehouse. Order now to be sure to get yours. If the Angel design pin show at this web page runs out of stock we will email you with our current “Angel” pin for your approval.

Take this opportunity to raise money in a way that matches your values because:

”Angels Make it Happen.”