Goals – By Laws – Articles of Constitution

Goals-By Laws & Articles

Summary of goals for WORLD PEACE FLAG ORGANIZATION – US Non-profit

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                                     PEACE THRU FUNDRAISING

  1.  Creating International Flag of Peace over a 10 year period with 10 annual flags, for the Human Family by the Human Families vote.  Mission to Promote Peace – help feed, medial help, house, environmental educate, and clean drinking for those in need.  A 501 US Non-Profit since 1996  Help us help others….  All volunteer team - when salaries to begin, our By-laws state no one person will receive more that $500 US per week.   At the end of 10 years the Human Family votes to see which annual peace flag become International Flag of Peace. ALL NEW - Volunteer fundraiser for other Non-Profits and/OR Entrepreneurs with your own maintence FREE new website. Access to 1,000’s of stores with Millions of peace and consumer products with little effort. We show you how to WIN at internet marketing via video training with the hope you will donate 10% (or more) to our mission. See products/jobs at our web site. Web-link only once”  earn from 2-55% commission of gross sales for you or your project and commission to 9 levels.   .Details visit:  https://www.worldpeaceflag.org/gpage11.html

Help re-build exact replica of ‘NOAHS ARK’ with Renaissance Type Theme Park. GRANTS, seed money contributions also appreciated. $3,000,000 construction/advertising opportunity.

Help build Noah’s Ark Float for CA Rose Bowl Jan 1, 2010, Dec 2009 Hollywood, and Feb 2010 Martin Luther King Parades (1 float 3 parades) – Sponsorship endorsement of between $160,000 – $300.000 (animated) available.

Music Festival “Forgiveness for Peace International Music FestivalTM” – performed in 6 Countries and broadcast in 160 countries: 08-09-09

Medical Van(s): Better Vision for Children Foundation 501c3 – at home FDA approved AIDS test kits, on site screening for Amblyopia (lazy eye), retinoblastoma (eye cancer, Autism, diabetes information screening parent questionnaires.

“Start Double Viral Loop” to raise funds for our Non-Profits missions. The Replica ark(s) is not designed to float and will be built out of a plastic like material which is used on plastic rocks etc at Theme Parks. Plastic can last for a 1,000 or more years” “A 1,000 or more years of the World living at peace” “It will be a place were the human family can working together without any interference by any one religion or countries government.” It will be approximately a foot ball field and a half long, at least 75 feet wide and three stores high with the upper housing area constructed so it can be easily remove for concerts, plays and other group activities. The bottom story will be the entrance and will have a round motion picture screen which will show a short film on the original ark and the construction of the replica. Showing briefly why the original Ark was build, but, more importantly WHY we should change our way of thinking and live more in” peace and joy-helping others.” The room will have an “Honor Wall” showing the pictures and names of the people who “made it happen”. Level two will be shops and restaurants. Top level: restaurant and/or stage. The surrounding area will be a Renaissance Theme Park with a small children’s zoo area and a Hotel. Location(s) is yet to be determined. The project will be owned by “The Human Family” via WPFO By Laws and Articles of Constitution and distribution of profits with go per our By Law. IP Registered with World Intellectual Property Organization 10-10-2000 and Writers Guild on 3-14-03 and renewed 11-02-06 ARK=A is for Acts of/R is for Random/K is for Kindness “Acts of Random Kindness”