Do Something Easy

I AM PEACE Affirmation

You can do something for PEACE: Join others world wide who

are thinking, mediating and praying for Peace each day at 7am

in their time zones. “Peace Within You” Following is a affirmation

you may want to use:

I know that I am a Child of the Creator
We have instilled in my mind that no matter
what happen I AM CALM
When worries come to mind I WAIT CALMLY and
I am shown the PEACEFUL way
I am overflowing with the POWERFUL SUBSTANCE
Of Peace. It manifest within
I am Peace – I let go!
Worries dissolve when in meditation I spray
them with the POWER OF PEACE
I am Peace – I let go!
For the good of all creation – PEACE WINS
I AM PEACE!!! And so it is – Amen

Inspired by: Paramahansa Yogananda