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Right Brain Self-Healing Meditation

               By:   Lyle J. Noorlun

ISBN 0917848-14-08

On St Patrick’s day 2005 a cancer biopsy was taken and I was diagnosed by the Veterans Administration – West LA, CA with a recurrence of the most aggressive type cancer from 5 years ago of the upper gum area of my mouth. Five years earlier the VA did surgery and cut out about a inch square of my upper gum taking two front teeth with it for a little know cancer that only infected 2,300 people per year. The infected area was at the time of surgery was only ¼ inch long and about the size of a pencil mark. Radiations was not suggested and no second opinion was taken, much to my regret. In 2005 they wanted to take another inch around the already vacant area along with radiations and chemo treatments. They said surgery would have resulted with liquids coming out of my nose while drinking them without a partial dental plate covering the large hole left from the surgery. I went to at least a half a dozen appointments at the VA/ Surgeries and each time the Surgeons said “You have the most aggressive type of cancer and we need to take it out right away.” I obtained the original biopsy of the VA and had it examined by the Cancer Clinic at USC and they did confirm it was NOT cancer, however after three other negative biopsy and several more oral check ups I am cancer fee.

  The VA still maintains it was there on 3-17-05. If it was - it is not there now……  With the principles of Pranic Healing (www.pranichealing.com), Right Brain Self-Meditation, Tai-Chi  and by the prayers of many our Creator has granted me excellent health! Thank you!

 On May 14, 2008 I went into  USC School of Dentistry to have my annual check up and they found a cancer call “moderate to poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma”; a completely different kind of cancer to the one the VA said I had in 2000 and 2004.  This one is affects over 200,000 people in the US per year and is caused by three things (in order of frequency)  (1) smoking – I quit on 1-1-1970, (2) alcohol abuse – I quit on 1-1-1984 (3) irritation – the particle the VA made for me in 2000 had been rubbing and irritable, in the same area since in was first put in.  The question at the end of the day was does it hurt?  It was HOW MUCH DOES IT HURT TODAY!!!  Most people feel the VA’s partial caused the cancer of May, 14, 2008

Cancer was successfully removed on Jul 16, 2008 by LAC+USC……

    In appreciation of my health please visit www.twc.wla.org, an always complementary Cancer Wellness Community whom helped me through these tough times. If you have cancer this is a very caring place to share with others. I would like to dedicate this booklet and share with you the following Right Brain Self-Healing Meditation Technique, learned in part from the principles taught by the late Dr H. Benjamin, Founder of the Wellness Community.

HISTORY: In 1988 I produced a goal setting and achieving program, the “I CAN-can”. It consist of a 4 ½ inch high colorfully label tin can which contain a cassette tape that talks about HOW to set you goals using the 131 page work booklet that guilds one thru the goal setting and achieving process. The opposite side of the tape splits right and left brain with subliminal positive messages while listing to “soft healing music” (The Journey). During the year I wrote and produced this program I studies subliminal programming and how it affects left and right brain. Basically the right ear controls the left brain or the logical side of our metal thoughts. The left brain only accepts logical fact as the science of correct reasoning. The left ear control the right brain or our creative side of our mental being. This side of the brain is creative and will accept and act upon whatever you give it to absorb. Consequently, for your resource find a Right Brain self mediation guide that you may want to self record into a tape player and then place the ear bud in your left ear only. In the areas below where you see cancer you can replace with whatever ailment you want to correct. Listen to your recording as often as possible and especially before bedtime. Speak slowing into the record with authority while record the following in your voice:

      BEGIN REDCORDING: This is ______________, in my own unique voice and I have chosen to become healthier today.  This is going to be a time for me to completely relax… a conscious effort to relax as completely as possible.  I am now in a comfortable position and have closed my eyes. I realize that this tape is my voice and it is directed to the creative side of my brain which is ALL accepting and will acts upon the following positive thoughts.  For the next couple of minutes, I will just concentrate on my breathing.  To the best of my ability, I see my lungs… I see how they feel, and I consciously see how they fell after I exhale. I begin a good breathing technique as follows however, anyway I decided to deeply breath is right for me.  I slowly inhale through my nose to a slow (one and two and three etc) mental count of six with my tongue at the roof of my mouth.  I hold this breath for a slow mental count of SIX.  I let the breath out through my mouth counting mentally backwards and slowly from six, five, four etc.  I repeat this process at least three times while I continue to hear and accept my positive suggestion on my tape. Inhale…  This breathing technique is only a sample, I am aware, there’s no right way and no wrong way to do relaxation breathing and the results I’m getting are perfect results, and that if all I do is relax, that’s wonderful.   This is not a time to be worrying about any of the things that are happening in my day-to-day life.  This is a time only for me, and I can let it all hang out.  For this very short period of time, I am completely relaxed. I am never out of control.  I fell completely safe and secure.

Now, once again, I am concentrating on my lungs.  I picture them in my mind’s eye.  I see them filled as I breathe in for a mental count of six – hold for six – exhale for six. I see my lungs becoming more and more relaxed.    And if my mind drifts away, and I want to, I just bring it slowly back to where I am or where I want my mind to be.  I am doing nothing wrong, and anything I do will be a success.  And as I continue to hear my own voice everything is just fine…and if I fall asleep or if I don’t that’s fine too.  I am absolutely sure that my sub-conscious is hearing every word on this recording.  I inhale through my nose to a slow mental count of six – hold my breath for a slow mental count of six – exhale out through my mouth to a slow mental count of six as I continue to hear my right brain accepting my self relaxation voice.

And now perhaps, in my mind’s eye---way, way out in space—I can see a word all lit up … and the word is relax.  Just relax…and see that same word is about a foot in front of my forehead… I see it just about a foot in front of my forehead, the word relax.  And now inside my forehead, see that word, and I just relax.

 Now perhaps, if I want to, I pay attention to my left foot, and the toes on my left foot, and my ankle and I let them all relax….and all the cares and tensions of the day just drain down into the floor.  Consciously I let them relax…and any noise I may hear will only serve to deepen my relaxation.

 And now I pay attention, if I want, to my right shoulder.  All the muscles of my right shoulder, completely relaxed.  All the cares of the day drain away and leave me.   And consciously I check my right shoulder to see if there’s any tension there. If any I let go.  I think about it and now all the muscles and tendons of my right foot and the toes of my right foot, and the ankle as I just let them relax.  And now the calf of my right leg, I let it relax.  And for this very short time in my mind’s eye, perhaps I can see that wonderfully long bone running from my ankle to my knee in my right leg…see how wonderfully straight and long and solid it is…and what a wonderful feat of construction.  Let it relax…let all the muscles just relax… and the muscles of your left calf…relax.  And way, way out in the future, and way, way into the past.

This is a process just like when I was little person and didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, or tell time, or couldn’t even tell how long I was out there because I couldn’t’ tell time, and I didn’t know where there was a difference between writing and printing. And this is also a learning process…learning to relax… learning to be at ease.

And now I let all the muscles of my left shoulder completely relax…I let it just drop toward the ground. And rest comfortably against the seat I’m in.   Let it relax.  And now the muscles of my stomach.  I let my stomach just hang out…just relaxed.  Once again, it’s like when I was a very, very little person, just learning how to do all the things I had to do, like telling time and reading….And now the muscles of my left thigh…This is a time for relaxation…and I don’t have to go to sleep…but if I do, that’s fine…and if my voice drifts away, that’s fine…and if my mind drifts away, that’s fine too.  Whatever I do is wonderful.  I’m completely relaxed.

And now all the muscles of the right thigh…I just let them relax.  All the tensions of the day just drain out of them into the seat below me.   And there’s that world relaxes.  Consciously in my mind is the word relax, way, way out in the past…just in the past…and right behind my forehead.

And all the muscles of my face now…the muscles of my lips, my cheeks, and my forehead…just let them fall toward the ground and my stomach.   And my chest…once again, my chest just relaxed, and now my back, and my complete right arm and the fingers of my right hand.  And if there’s any part of my body that’s not completely relaxed already, it soon will be.

I may be surprised to see how relaxed I am already.  That may come as a surprise to me…and if there’s and part of my body that’s not yet relaxed, it soon will be.  And if there’s and part of my body that’s not feeling as comfortable as it might, I concentrate on that part of the body for the next few seconds…just think of it…and send the endorphins of the brain down in that area.  I am consciously aware of any part of my body that’s not as comfortable as it might be.

And now all the muscles and sinews and tendons of my left arm and   the muscles of my neck and my shoulders and my check and buttocks and the whole pelvic are now…I’m thinking about the whole pelvic area...once again my face and my head…And if my voice drifts away, that’s fine, just as long as I’m sitting back comfortably and relaxing.  Many things are changing in my body, all of which are normal and wonderful, just through my relaxation.

 And now if I want to, I can see myself at the top of a flight of ten steps going down.  I’ve been at the top of stairs before, and I will be again… so this is completely familiar to me.  This is a time when I can just put my trust in the world.  I will never be out of control in any way.  I can trust…like I did when I was very, very little person.  And everything is going to turn out exactly as I want it to.  I’m going walk down these steps freely – lightly- floating- flowing…and if I want to with every step down I take, I’m going to relax just a little bit more.

And now, I take the first step down... and I’ve taken one step down, and I have nine to go.   And with every step down, I relax just a little bit more.   And any noise I hear will serve to relax me just a little bit more.  And way, way out in the future, and way, way back in the past, and right behind my forehead is the word relax.

And now, I take another step down. And with every step down, I relax just a little bit more, and now I have taken two steps down... relaxing just a little bit more and every step I go down…relaxing just a little bit more .  I feel the relaxation in my body more and more….. I may be surprised at just how relaxed I am feeling already.  And now I take another step down and that’s four steps down.  And I have six to go.  This is a time for relaxation.  It’s not necessary to go to sleep, but if I want to, that’s fine.  If it happens, that’s fine; or if my mind drifts ways, that’s’ fine too.  Nothing I do is wrong.

I take one more step down.  And now I’m half way down the stairs…I have five more steps to go…and I take another step down.  And I consciously see myself, on the sixth step down, and I feel extremely comfortable, and secure and trusting. And now another step down…and now I’ve taken seven steps down and have three to go.  And there’s that word relax shinning way, way out in the heavens and behind my forehead.  I see them at the same time…and I take another step down…and now I’ve taken eight steps and have two more to go.  And now one more step. And I’ve taken nine steps down and I have one to go... and now I take the last step down, and I’m all the way down to the bottom of the stairs.  And I’m surprised at how relaxed I really am.

And now, it is easy for me to see myself on lovely, lovely, warm. comfortable beach or lake.  And way out in front of me is calm, calm, very blue water.  Very calm and very blue.  And I can smell the clean air.  It smells cool and clean.  I’m there now and the sun is just beating down on my body in a way that can’t hurt me under any circumstances…the warm healing Sun and the cool breeze over my body. I feel healing, warmth and comfort.  And I hear the ocean lapping on the shore.  I listen to its sounds.  And underneath my feet is warm sand, just the right temperature.  The right temperature, the way I like it best. And behind me is an enormous beach, friendly and protective and just wonderful.

And now, while I’m standing there, I see myself as a very, very little person at a time when I was very happy, very content, and very secure.  And I feel happy and secure, and a very carefree feeling, and I know that this little person is me.  And any noise I hear will just relax me further.  And I maintain this feeling of happiness and contentment now and anytime I want its healing feeling.  It’s my feeling and my memory.  The only one in the world who has this special memory is me.

 And now, I see myself standing on the beach once again, as an adult…And now, I know that there’s a large, comfortable beach towel on the beach to guard me head as I lay down on my back and fell how secure the ground is under me, holding my calves and my backside and my shoulders and my head.  I feel calm, secure – relaxed.

And now I see myself surrounded by a lovely golden light as the healing benefits of the sun surrounds my body. It covers every inch of my body while all the normal functions go on…. I breathe very normally and my pores are open, and every normal function goes on. And that lovely, lovely golden light is a combination of all the healing power of the universe, and all the healing power of my body, and all the healing power of any medications I’m taking or radiation I’m receiving, or anything I’m taking to better my health. And the golden light can focus anyplace I tell it to.

And now, I see the part of my body that is not exactly as I want it to be. I direct the golden light to go to that part of my body and surround that area or areas. And I know that the golden light surrounding that part of my body that is not as healthy as I want it to be combines all the healing power of the universe. And all the healing power of my body through my Creator, and all the healing power of any medications or treatments I’ve taken. The Creator heals me and heals me now. It’s and extraordinarily powerful elixir. And any cancer cells (or whatever your aliment) that may be there are weak and erratic cells and are easily defeated. And I tell the golden light to crush and cancer cells (or whatever your aliment), and to diminish any tumor (or aliment) …and to do anything I want it to do…and it’s a powerful, vital, vigorous force and any cancer cells are weak and erratic.

Consciously I see the golden light surrounding all the areas where my body is not in a condition I want it to be.  And notice…notice how it can bring the endorphins of my brain down into the area and sooth any pain…and help to alleviate any problem that may be going on in my body.   And I tell the golden light to do what I want it to do...  It is my golden light.  It is going to go where I want it to.  And I tell it where I want it to go as I take charge of my body.

And now, I’m going to be quite for a minute or two. And while I’m quiet, perhaps I will thing about that golden light doing all the things I want it to do.  I’ am going to be quiet starting now as I heal…. (Pause your tape for one or two minutes)

And now, with the golden light still within me…that powerful, vigorous, vital healing golden light still within me, that golden light that combines all the power of the universe and of my body, and of any medication or radiation or anything else I’m taking…withal of that still within me…and completely at my command... now and forever.  I begin to see myself stand up on the beach.   And as I stand on the beach, I visualize myself without any physical problem whatsoever, and I feel that feeling of no physical problem whatsoever.  And I know that this is my feeling and that I can on this feeling at any time.  It is embedded into my sub-conscious mind forever.  I can call on the golden light or on the feeling of security and health at any time without interfering in any way with any of the things that I’m doing.

And now I see myself at the bottom of the same flight of stair I just came down, and I begin to thing about the clime up.  When I reach to top of the stairs, I will be back at a place where I started. Feeling completely alert, at least as well as I felt before this relaxation time, and most likely much, much better… and now I take the first step up…  And now the second step up (speak slowly here) …and the third, and the forth, and the fifth...and I’m half way up….and when I reach the tenth step, I’ll be back in the place where I started, feeling completely alert and at least as well as I felt when I started and, perhaps and most likely, much, much better.

And now, I open my eyes whenever I want to.  And now, I take the next step up, and I’m back at the place where


THE body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the
mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically
expressed. At the bidding of unlawful thoughts the body sinks
rapidly into disease and decay; at the command of glad and beautiful
thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty.

Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought.
Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body.
Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a man as speedily as a
bullet, and they are continually killing thousands of people just as
surely though less rapidly. The people who live in fear of disease
are the people who get it. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole
body, and lays it open to the, entrance of disease; while impure
thoughts, even if not physically indulged, will soon shatter the
nervous system.

Strong, pure, and happy thoughts build up the body in vigor and
grace. The body is a delicate and plastic instrument, which responds
readily to the thoughts by which it is impressed, and habits of
thought will produce their own effects, good or bad, upon it.

Men will continue to have impure and poisoned blood, so long as they
propagate unclean thoughts. Out of a clean heart comes a clean life
and a clean body. Out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and
a corrupt body. Thought is the fount of action, life, and
manifestation; make the fountain pure, and all will be pure.

Change of diet will not help a man who will not change his thoughts.
When a man makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure

Clean thoughts make clean habits. The so-called saint who does not
wash his body is not a saint. He who has strengthened and purified
his thoughts do not need to consider the malevolent microbe.

If you would protect your body, guard your mind. If you would renew
your body, beautify your mind. Thoughts of malice, envy,
disappointment, despondency, robs the body of its health and grace. A
sour face does not come by chance; it is made by sour thoughts.
Wrinkles that mar are drawn by folly, passion, and pride.

I know a woman of ninety-six who has the bright, innocent face of a
girl. I know a man well under middle age whose face is drawn into
inharmonious contours. The one is the result of a sweet and sunny
disposition; the other is the outcome of passion and discontent.

As you cannot have a sweet and wholesome abode unless you admit the
air and sunshine freely into your rooms, so a strong body and a
bright, happy, or serene countenance can only result from the free
admittance into the mind of thoughts of joy and goodwill and

On the faces of the aged there are wrinkles made by sympathy, others
by strong and pure thought, and others are carved by passion: who
cannot distinguish them? With those who have lived righteously, age
is calm, peaceful, and softly mellowed, like the setting sun. I have
recently seen a philosopher on his deathbed. He was not old except
in years. He died as sweetly and peacefully as he had lived.

There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipating the ills
of the body; there is no comforter to compare with goodwill for
dispersing the shadows of grief and sorrow. To live continually in
thoughts of ill will, cynicism, suspicion, and envy, is to be
confined in a self made prison-hole. But to think well of all, to be
cheerful with all, to patiently learn to find the good in all–such
unselfish thoughts are the very portals of heaven; and to dwell day
by day in thoughts of peace toward every creature will bring
abounding peace to their possessor.
You may find the following of interest and value regarding the benefits of Tai Chi.

Have you ever seen people doing those slow motion exercises…?
…in the park or in the background of Chinese movies? That slow motion Chinese fitness and exercise program which began over 2,500 years ago is called Tai Chi.

More recently, Tai Chi has been gaining attention all around the world for its healing powers and its ability to prevent illnesses. It is a complete exercise of the mental and physical in one art form.

A Brief History of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is a martial art based on harmony. It was developed in the Song Dynasty, enhanced through the last 1000 years to achieve efficient body and soul alignment. Despite of the martial art application, the Tai Chi practitioner will gain health benefit and enjoy the integrity of body motion/movements.

The Yin and Yang of the Tai Chi symbol represents two extreme forces united in one. When practicing Tai Chi, the power grows and diminishes to the extreme. By attaching these forces to a partner, one can turn the situation to benefit oneself. Tai Chi Chuan originally consisted of eight hand movements or eight different forces using hands and five different steps.

Through the years, it developed into more than one hundred stances. Each stance has its own individual application. The application is always based on the assumption that one can avoid a conflict and follow the situation, eventually gaining an opportunity to outperform the opponent. New form can always be developed; new stances will emerge. Only the good ones will stand and the less efficient ones will go. There are simplified and more traditional forms, as long as it is adapted to the principal of Tai Chi, it will sustain. By combining the 8 forces of hand movements and by using 5 steps, various movements can be developed. How to string all the stances together is based on the personal preference. However, each stance should contain a perfect logic or application. When you put different stances together, it becomes a form, a routine. From one stance to the next stance in a form, there might not be any logic; you can consider the form as a book which contains short stories as stances. Therefore, whether the form contains a 24, 42, 68 or 108 stances, it’s just a way of compiling movements.

In the past thousand years, many families developed its own unique form and they are called different styles of Tai Chi Chuan. For example, there are the Chen, Yang, Sun, Tai Chi Chu’an, and Hao styles of Tai Chi. They may look different, but they all try to apply the same principles. By understanding the principle of Tai Chi, you gain the essence of this martial art instead of being confused by biases of the different styles. By observing the movement of the form, you realize the coordination is powered by the internal energy directed by the practitioner’s mind. Energy flow not only gives the power to the movement, but also strengthens the practitioner’s mind and body.

In my class, I use several form principle of Tai Chi.

Our Lineage

Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872), also know as Yang Fu Kui, is considered the founder of Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan.

Yang Chien-Hou (1839-1917), Yang Lu-chan’s third son, learned Tai Chi later in life, but he became an accomplished master. He passed on the family tradition to his two sons Yang Shao-Hou and Yang Cheng-Fu

Yang Ban-Hou (1837-1892), Was the Second child of Yang Lu Chan and had started training Tai Chi from a very young age. Bellicose by nature, Ban-Hou had very few disciples and therefore didn’t pass the family tradition.

Yang Shao-Hou (1862-1930) was famous for overcoming strong attacks with soft movements, adapting him to others’ movements and following up with quick attacks, using the motion of “sudden connection” to defeat the opponent with surprise attacks.

Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936) [also known as Yang Ch’eng-pu and Yang Chao-ch’ing] is largely responsible for the popular transmission of the Yang Family Style to many people in the east and west.

Hsiung Yang-Ho (1886-1984) was a famous Tai Chi master in Taiwan and a student of Yang Shao-Hou Chi Chu’an

Dominic Stefeno

Over 30 years, Karate, Kung Fu

Tai Chi Chu’an

Lyle Noorlun, Tai Chi Chu’an (3)

Student of Dominic Stefano

and David Carradies styles

Learn the essences of Tai Chi for a better life……….

The Medicinal Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi has benefited millions throughout its history of 2,500 years. People use it in every aspect of their lives including:
illness prevention
self defense
fitness/flexibility/muscle toning
stress relief

How does Tai Chi Chu’an offer so much to an individual?
Tai Chi Chu’an cultivates a person’s inner strength with his/her physical abilities and channels “natural energy” (Qi) throughout the body.

Tai Chi Chu’an emphasizes the coexistence of yin and yang in a person and the adjusting of yin and yang to cope with the changing environment. Tai Chi Chuan helps an individual be in his/her prime condition of mental and physical health.

The following is what U.C. Berkeley Tai Chi Club listed as the benefits that practice can add to your quality of life:

Control your stress level and lower your blood pressure

Build strength and improve balance through the practice of Tai Chi Chu’an

Increase the level and flow of Qi (internal energy) in your body through the practice of qigong exercises.

Learn a system of self-defense that neutralizes an opponent’s actions and uses his own strength to your advantage.

Research on Tai Chi Chuan

There is a good deal of research and many studies proving the benefits of practicing Tai Chi Chuan. The following are some of them:

Significant improvement in balance maintained (Wolfson 1996)

Most recommended aerobic exercise for coronary artery disease (Ng 1992)

Reduced tension, anxiety fatigue, depression and confusion (Jin 1989)

Improved mood states, reduction of anxiety states, (Jin 1992)

Reduced falls by up to 47%, reduced fear of falling (Wolf 1996), (Wolf 1997), (Henderson, 1998) , (Myers & Weiner, 1996)

Immune Response (Blood T-Cells)

Marked increase during and after practice (Sun 1989)


Enhanced ventilary capacity without cardiovascular stress (Brown et al, 1995)

Efficient use of ventilator volume, efficient breathing patterns (Schneider 1991)

Weight Bearing Exercise

No exacerbation in joint symptoms of individuals with RA (Kirstens 1991)

Improved co-ordination, skeletal muscle strength (Koh 1982)

Relaxation therapy for chronically ill (Jin 1992)

Disclaimer: The methods of ancient healing techniques in this book are not intended to replace any traditional means of healing or treatment – only to enhance.

About the Author:

Lyle J. Noorlun, Author – Founder www.worldpeaceflag.org, a Non Profit Organization since 1996 with the mission to help feed and house the homeless. Currently the Organization is raising fund to build an exact replica of “Noah’s Ark” surrounded by a Renaissance Theme Park to help with its mission. The short term goal is to have a float of “Noah’s Ark” in the Pasadena, CA Rose Bowl, Hollywood, Martin Luther King’s 2006 Parades again help produce “Peace Sunday” which happens each December. He has taught two self-improvement courses: 1. “Grow as a Pro”, designed for “how to” in the field of sales. This course consists of 22 hours of classroom training, and 2. “Adventures in Attitude”, designed basically to get rid of “Stinking Thinking” course time 25 hours. Additionally, he designed and taught a four-hour course entitled “Action Plan & Business Goal Strategies”. A “How to Succeed” business plan.

He also wrote and produced a Goal Setting program “I CAN-can” Which consists of a Work booklet and a cassette tape contained inside of a sealed tin can which stands four and a half inch high.  Side A of the cassette tape talks about what goals are, what goal setting has done for others, how to set them while using the booklet and side A of tape. Side B of the tape has soft music entitled “The Journey” with positive split right/left brain subliminal messages (which are also provide in print in the work booklet) to help achieve ones goals. This program will help you with your health, wealth and happiness. He has studied at Hypnosis Motivation Institute, under the principles of Dr Kappa’s.

He is soon to release two other books “Fargo’s Noah” www.fargosnaoh.com and “Chicken Soup – feeding World Hunger” The movie “Fargo’s Noah” is current under pre-production. www.worldpeaceflag.com lyle@worldpeaceflag.org

copyright: lnoorlun 2005

ISBN # 0917848-14-08