“A US Non-Profit Since 1996″ with the mission to help eliminate the need for WAR by providing employment, environmental training, food, clean water and housing to the Worlds homeless – helping children with Health & Educational concerns.”

World Peace Flag Organization (WPFO) aims to achieve sustainable, Universal growth in the area of a more peaceful planet. A planet without war. At the same time, we desire to make enduring contributions to social development as a valued and trusted member of society. Under WPFO Non-Profits vision of “enriching people’s lives”, we always think what we can do to realize people’s dreams and make social contributions continuously in the three main areas of “supporting education”, “taking care of environment”, and “providing humanitarian relief when necessary”. To confirm we are all “One Human Family” and teach Peace, Love, Hope, Faith, Health, Joy and Forgiveness. We believe the matters of importance are: (1a) help roofing Encinitas, California (1b) helping to feed the hungry children-teach the adults to provide for themselves (2) provide medical attention for children (3) environmental (4) education and providing shelter. (5).Provide a Universal/Int’l Flag of Peace for “One Human Family” by show casing 10 annual peace flags over a 10 years period with the income from them to help with our mission. (see bottom of this page for current entry’s) (6.) Build exact replica of Noah’s Ark (Theme Parks) on each of the continents with all proceeds to help with our mission 7. Help to create a Universal/Int’l Department of Peace.

Was recently asked to explain 15 years in 90 seconds;

following is the summation:

My name is Lyle Noorlun and I am the founder of the

World Peace Flag Organization

which was formed in 1996 as a US 501 c4 Non-Profit

Organization. We are a Int’l Cause Organization who’s main mission
it is to help underprivileged children and their families. We are not
a religious or political concern. The Organization is owned 100%
by the Human Family for the Human Family.

Our long term goals are to re-build six exact replica of Noah’s Ark

with a Renaissance/Irish type fair surrounding them on 6 continents.
The first theme park may be in the Venturia County CA area where
we currently have an option on a fenced in, 40 acre Water Bottling Ranch on Hawaii.

Our 1st park will be built at approximate 29 million to include the land
purchase. We will employee about 800 people and bring in millions
of revenue for our causes and the area. The Ark may be partly built
out of a plastic type material which is expected to last 1,000 or
more years.

Together we can and are making a World of difference!!

NOTE: No one person working for our Organization will ever receive a salary of more then $500.00 a week US.


STATISTICS: National Geographic magazine has reported:

  • 35,000 people die each day from starvation
  • 19,000 of them are children
  • 1,350,000 homeless children in America